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“Eight five” during the casting machinery manufacturing by the original mechanical and electrical department attaches great importance to investment in the largest since the founding of a special technical transformation loans and research costs, to support the development and development of foundry machinery industry. “Large shot blasting down the sand blasting equipment manufacturing”, “vertical parting no box shoot squeeze moulding machine”, “development of water glass sand and used sand reclamation equipment”, “metal mold casting equipment” and so on have been developed and applied.
During the “Ninth Five Year Plan” period, foundry industry undertake and establish completed the refinement of rough castings of car, modeling and cleaning technology and equipment, complete sets of “task, cylinder, continuous shot blast cleaning line development and research” also achieved complete success, 1999 completed the national key high levels of air impact molding line project success.
During the “Tenth Five Year Plan” period, casting machinery industry of major economic indicators of the average annual growth of are in more than 30%, higher than the machine tool industry average growth rate, especially faster profit growth, annual profit growth of up to 46%, while maintaining a higher level of sales market. In addition, resin sand casting equipment, basic can meet the demand in the domestic market, is to change the past rely mainly on imports of the situation; has been able to produce higher levels of casting automatic production line, to reach the level that can be part of the import substitution, part of the solution to the car engine cylinder block and cylinder head casting billet also want to import; high level of automatic core machine, automatic casting cleaning machine Shotblast cleaning machine, grinding cleaning automatic line, automatic sand processor, large automatic die casting machine and precision casting equipment foundry machinery, China can manufacture. It should be said that “fifteen” during the foundry machinery industry product level has been greatly improved, China’s foundry machinery industry in the future to lay a good foundation for further development.
Overall, “eight five” to “fifteen” period, China’s foundry machinery manufacturing industry has made some progress.
“11th Five-Year” period, the equipment manufacturing industry in the international, domestic demand for the stimulation of the huge domestic market, casting still maintained a high rate of growth. Because of the technical level of casting machinery products is still a big gap between the market demand, so that the development of the industry there is a huge potential for development and expansion of space for the rapid growth of the foundry machinery industry opportunities.
During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, vigorously develop the casting industry has become an indisputable fact, promote foundry enterprise development is also a strong support for the economy of our country countryman other key industries. Therefore, the state has promulgated the relevant policies and regulations, for the foundry industry development escorts the Emperor convoy. The introduction of the foundry industry development during the Twelfth Five Year Plan “,” new material industry “Twelfth Five Year” development planning “policy, will promote the development of China foundry industry, the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee also made it clear that in order to cultivate and develop the casting industry, including seven strategic industries, these are casting industry development provides a good policy environment.
“12th Five-Year” China’s foundry industry is bound to be vigorously developed.
Analysis of casting technology at present stage
Casting technology is one of the main methods to obtain the blank of mechanical products, and it is the important basic technology in the foundry machinery industry, and plays an important role in the national economy. The status of China’s casting technology is large, with an annual output of about 12 million tons of castings, more than factory point, more than 2, casting technology practitioners in more than 1 million 200 thousand people. One of the major characteristics of China’s foundry technology industry is the rapid development of township enterprises since the reform and opening up, which has become an important force in China’s foundry technology industry. Township foundry points have been more than the state-owned foundry point, the township foundry point casting production accounts for about half of the total output of the country.
At present, the development of foundry technology in industrial developed countries in the world has four objectives, namely:
Protect the environment, reduce and eliminate pollution;
Improve casting quality and reliability, and produce high quality near end castings;
Reduce production costs;
Shortening the delivery time.
Foundry technology in China, in addition to the point of the factory, more employees, production, compared with the developed countries, in terms of quality, efficiency, energy and material consumption, labor conditions and environmental protection, there is a gap. The reasons for these gaps are small scale, poor economic strength, backward technology and equipment, low management level, and the quality of employees is not high. In order to eliminate the gap, in order to meet the needs of China’s economic construction, to casting technology industry’s own existence and development, China’s foundry industry should to improve casting quality and economic benefit as the center and facing both the domestic and international market; strengthen the management, to lay a good foundation, improve the quality of enterprises; adjusting the casting technology of the industrial structure, the rational allocation of resources, advocate moderate scale management; continue to for advanced production technology and technical equipment to upgrade casting technology industry to achieve clean production, to ensure the sustainable development.
Casting technology
Casting process is to melt the metal into a certain requirements of the liquid and poured into the mold, the cooling solidification, after finishing the processing of a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process.
Casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely, casting metal preparation, casting preparation and casting processing. Casting metal casting production for casting metal material, it is a metallic element as the main component and adding other metal or nonmetal elements and the composition of the alloy, the habit says for casting alloy, cast iron, cast steel and cast nonferrous alloys.
2011 global casting production is higher than in 2010, an increase of 5.6%, the annual casting production of 95 million T. In 34 countries, only 5 of the country’s casting production increased in 2009, respectively: China, India, South Korea, Portugal and South Africa, the average yield of castings in other countries 30%.
Therefore, in 2009 the global casting production plant is also affected by the average production, showing a downward trend in the same. Germany is still the country with the highest productivity of castings, but the average per casting production plant is also down from 9639t in 2009 to 6481t in 2008. China’s casting production plant, the average production is still maintained growth momentum.
2011 sales revenue reached 16.08% yuan, an increase of over the previous year, showing the size of China’s foundry industry is increasing, the steady growth of the industry, is expected to further expand the size of the market in the future.
According to association statistics show that, although China’s foundry machinery industry in 2010 total industrial output value hit a new record high, but the numerical control rate of the casting machinery products is still small. From the point of view of export, casting machinery industry’s annual exports amounted to about $100 million, exports 1500, which NC products accounted for less than two percent.
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